Rope Hoisting

Rope hoisting is truly an art form.

The history of hoisting objects with rope is an ancient art that harkens back to the period of maritime sailing. The same engineering principles applied hundreds of years ago work perfectly to this day and are employed in order to undertake our operations. If a job requires hoisting in the back or on the side of a building, the placement of a crane is often physically impossible to use. Fortunately, the task can still be accomplished through the use of masterful rope skills. Rope hoisting makes these projects successful, allowing the experts at Dun-Rite to meet your needs in any environment.



If you’re worried that your objects are too big to move, we will use the broad list of capabilities at our disposal to assist you in making a smooth and easy transition. Each professional we employ has been thoroughly trained in the art of tying and hoisting with rope. Put your faith in the Dun-Rite crew when you’re in need of top quality service.

Our expert hoisters have thorough experience as fine art movers and can move your large and fragile goods without fail, promising the best service you could possibly find. Years of experience back our desire to see each and every customer satisfied. Whether you need a piano lifted to the second floor or a dresser raised 42 stories, we can get the job done right.
Dun-Rite’s Special Rigger’s license qualifies us to hoist articles of 2,000 lbs or less outside of any building in New York City.