Packing / Crating

Often times clients have items that must be packed before they can be transported. We take pride in the proper packing of our clients’ possessions, providing for them the peace of mind that comes with expert work. Our extensive level of care and adroit skill allows for the safe movement of these items that competitors can’t promise. Nothing should stop you from having your items moved, and Dun-Rite Specialized will always be there to help.

packing-3Custom Built Crates

Our experts at Dun-Rite can custom build crates for any item, making it possible to move anything and everything you need. All items are analyzed by our professional staff to determine the necessary requirements before shipping them off to their destination. Crates are then tailored to fit the specific needs of the piece, and its’ ultimate destination. As an extra safeguard, we take an additional step to ensure your artwork arrives safely to its destination by installing two damage prevention devices – Tiltwatch™ and Shockwatch™ on the outside of each crate. We are the only local hoisting and rigging company that makes such a dedicated promise to our customers. Our crates are constructed to ensure the quality and protection of your invaluable items.

European Shipping Regulations

  • All crates and pallets are heat treated and certified pest free conforming to the European Union regulations regarding the non-manufactured coniferous wood (NMCU).
Dun-Rite’s facility is a CCSF (Certified Cargo Screening Facility) for shipping and receiving International shipments. Our docks have the capacity to handle any shipment irrespective of weight and height. If special handling is required to off-load or load, forklifts and cranes are available.