Custom One Ton Derrick

Our goal at Dun-Rite Specialized is to make projects more cost efficient in today’s society.

To achieve this task, we have strategically developed the Custom 1 Ton Derrick to help make your projects more profitable. By the very nature of their occupation, fine art movers always have a difficult task set before them. Protecting the value of priceless pieces of art can be a tall order alone, but working against the bureaucracy surrounding large scale movement can be aggravating. Thankfully, the experts at Dun-Rite have made it possible to work through holiday embargos and eliminate tough constrictions such as permitting, crane engineering and time constraints.

Specializing in:

  • Wireless Equipment
  • Building Material
  • Furniture
  • Air Conditioning Units
  • Landscaping Material
  • Windows/Doors
  • Artwork
  • Site Surveys upon request

 The following are benefits of utilizing the 1 ton custom derrick:

  • Department of Transportation Roadway Permits: Eliminates mandates for partial and full closure for weekends or nights only.  Eliminate permitting costs.  Work Monday-Friday straight time without overtime expenses.
  • Eliminates cost and availability of cranes by installing the derrick for length of job, hoisting material as job requires, as material becomes available, or as spacing needs allow.
  • Eradicates logistical issues of shipping, receiving, storing of material on or at site.  No crane to meet on site.  No limiting permit times.
  • Alleviates threat of inclement weather like wind, heavy rain or snow resulting in loss of work opportunity and re-filing of permits.
  • Engineered to be portable, light weight, free standing, counter weighted.  No invasive requirements to roof or bulkheads.  With a small base foot print, the derrick sets up on most roof top locations which allows for front and rear hoisting.
  • Derrick portability allows for relocation on roof top for the placement of material and equipment.
  • Engineered to NYC DOB Code #RS 19-2 Power Operated Cranes and Derricks.

Limitations: Site location determines use. Maximum pick: 2,000 LBS.